IAA Virtual STEM Education

The Institute for American Apprenticeships STEM Education and Work-based Mentored Experience program is for rising high school juniors and seniors 16 years or older. The program provides an opportunity for students to learn about the exciting field of software development while earning college credits and being mentored by industry experts. No prior programming experience necessary!

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This innovative program is offered virtually (100% online) and is designed with flexibility in mind for students to supplement their traditional high school education. The program is comprised of two courses, the first being offered in Fall 2019 and the second in the Spring 2020 semester. A team of dedicated instructors and teaching assistants will guide students through the fundamentals of software development in a virtual hands-on project-based education and learning experience. Students will also by assigned individualized mentors from industry who are subject matter experts in the field!

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Your instructors. Help is just a click away.


Meet Jim

Jim finds great delight in building cool things with technology. He has an affinity for figuring out how things work, and will guide you through his fascinating process.


Meet Lisa

Lisa is passionate about teaching computer science to young and inquisitive minds. She heads up the local chapter of Girls Who Code. She'll show you the way.


Meet Sam

Sam, our resident code ninja, is beginning graduate school to study computer science. He is a talented software developer, and loves to share his knowledge.


Meet Shauna

Shauna is a sophomore majoring in computer science. She took her first programming course in high school and was hooked! She can't wait to help with your coding labs.

Learn to code. It will change your life.

Ready to join a Top Secret Club (a.k.a., the Tech Community)? It can be frustrating learning to code, but after building a website or application – even a simple one – there is always an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. Reaching a pivotal point on a project or overcoming a problem that has been taking several days to solve can bring on that feeling of achievement. It will change your life. Just give it a chance.


Does this look scary? Do not worry.

Our goal is to demystify technology. By taking a look "under the hood," you'll develop an understanding of how all these pieces come together to make complex devices work. We'll take you through some pretty intimidating tasks, and you'll walk away saying, "well, that wasn't so bad."


Let's build something. Insanely great.

We have hardware. We have software. Let's put them together to construct something extraordinarily cool! In the amazing Introduction to Systems Engineering course, you'll learn how to build circuits and control them with software. Your ideas will really take flight.